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Diagnostic reagent workshop

Author: Shenzhen Zhongjing Global Purification Technology Co., Ltd.Time:2018-07-25 20:49:18Views:2392

Diagnostic reagent workshop
  • Diagnostic reagent workshop

Diagnostic reagent GMP workshop case sharing:

Construction site: Dapeng New District

Project Name: Diagnostic reagent GMP workshop

Purification level: 10,000-level laboratory, 100,000-level purification workshop, common area 1000 square

Wall structure: glass magnesium color steel plate

Air conditioning part of clean equipment: central clean air conditioning, pure water system, cold storage, transfer window

Pipe section: stainless steel pure water system, drainage system, duct system

Instrument part: air volume control valve, differential pressure gauge

Electrical parts: distribution box, clean lamps, switch sockets, UV lamps, ozone system

Ground part: epoxy self-flowing ping

Testing: Testing by the State Food and Drug Administration

The project was built for Hongmei Diagnostics Co., Ltd., which was jointly built by a number of scientists from China and Australia. Together with Professor Noble Prize-winning Professor Barry Marshall, he launched the Helicobacter pylori precision diagnosis project. Brand advantage and scale advantage Continuously expand high-precision and high-tech medical products and services, bringing good news to the Chinese people's gastrointestinal health. Diagnostic reagent GMP workshop project, with the joint efforts of technical team and construction team, progressed smoothly, completed on time and quality, and passed the inspection by the national inspection department.

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