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Laboratory renovation project
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Laboratory renovation project

  • Electronic cigarette purification workshop

    Electronic cigarette purification workshop

    The core products are electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories, and have established a complete production and quality management system. They strictly implement ISO9001:2008, CGMP, HACCP, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management s...

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  • Positive control room

    Positive control room

    The construction goal of the positive control room is to check and verify the results of the microbial testing room test, mainly three key points, *: negative pressure million level second: configuration biosafety cabinet third: guarantee a...

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  • Microbiology laboratory

    Microbiology laboratory

    The microbiology laboratory\'s overall solution is different from general laboratory engineering or purification engineering according to the laboratory\'s safety requirements and usage requirements. The laboratories used in microbiology, b...

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  • Physical and chemical laboratory

    Physical and chemical laboratory

    The characteristics of the laboratory work of the physical and chemical laboratory should create a safe, comfortable and beautified laboratory working environment. The office area is separated from the experimental area, that is, the uncont...

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  • The PCR laboratory

    The PCR laboratory

    The ideal layout mode of the laboratory is to have a dedicated corridor. The reagent preparation area, the sample preparation area, the amplification area and the product analysis area are arranged in a standardized manner. The first three ...

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  • GMP Training Simulation Lab

    GMP Training Simulation Lab

    Laboratory personnel must keep the equipment and work area clean and tidy at all times. Clean the work surface when the work is finished. During the test operation, develop strict operating habits, prevent the spillage or atomization of the...

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