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Pharmaceutical GMP purification workshop
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Pharmaceutical GMP purification workshop

  • Chinese medicine decoction purification workshop

    Chinese medicine decoction purification workshop

    The basic requirements for the workshop design of the Chinese Herbal Pieces Factory are: according to the variety and quantity of the production pieces, the design workshop and its size. For example, the crushing workshop (room) requires a ...

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  • Raw material purification workshop

    Raw material purification workshop

    The raw material purification workshop room parameters will affect the product and materials, including temperature, humidity and suspended particles, and microorganisms are also an important indicator for certain pharmaceutical intermediat...

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  • Raw material GMP workshop

    Raw material GMP workshop

    GMP stipulates that for the raw materials produced by the fermentation process, since the raw materials used may create conditions for microbial contamination, special attention should be paid to prevent microbial contamination during the p...

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  • Drug sampling room

    Drug sampling room

    Fire pipes are installed in the air ducts through the engine room, floor slabs and fire compartments; all fire dampers and fans are linked to the fire alarm system.

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  • Medicine packaging workshop

    Medicine packaging workshop

    the pharmaceutical packaging materials include: medicinal butyl rubber stopper, PTP aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging, medicinal PVC hard sheet, medicinal plastic composite hard sheet, composite film (bag), plastic infusion bottle ...

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  • Blood products

    Blood products

    Summary The blood product production workshop should include the following production areas: plasma storage area, melt-breaking bag-breaking area (including separation of cryoprecipitate and PCC adsorption separation), separation of crude f...

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  • Genetic Engineering

    Genetic Engineering

    Genetic engineering: including genetic testing, recombination, sequencing

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  • Solid preparation workshop

    Solid preparation workshop

    Commonly used solid dosage forms include powders, granules, tablets, capsules, pills, films, etc.

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  • Large infusion purification workshop

    Large infusion purification workshop

    The number of air changes in the clean workshop is based on the requirements set out in the \"Good Manufacturing Practices\". The design uses a 100,000-level clean area: the number of air changes is 10 to 20 times / hour; the level of clean...

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  • Healthy food

    Healthy food

    \"Code for Design of Clean Plants\" GB50 73-20 1 1. Cleanliness level of suspended particles in air, concentration of suspended particles

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  • GMP workshop

    GMP workshop

    GMP projects include: solid preparations, large infusions, blood products, veterinary drugs GMP, health foods, etc.

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