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Cosmetic GMP purification workshop
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Cosmetic GMP purification workshop

  • Toothpaste purification workshop

    Toothpaste purification workshop

    Clean factory decoration floor application is smooth, seamless, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, not easy to collect static electricity, easy to clean the overall ground. The cast-in-place terrazzo floor can be used in the design, an...

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  • Disinfectant aseptic workshop

    Disinfectant aseptic workshop

    The aseptic workshop is a new term for the workshop to achieve both dust-free effect and aseptic effect. It is the source of pollution control. In the factory, there is no clean room, and parts with high pollution sensitivity cannot be mass...

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  • Wet tissue aseptic workshop

    Wet tissue aseptic workshop

    A daily necessities that are discarded after use and that are directly or indirectly in contact with the human body and are used for the purpose of physiology or health care (antibacterial or antibacterial), the product properties may be so...

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  • Lipstick Blush Eyeshadow Cosmetics Workshop

    Lipstick Blush Eyeshadow Cosmetics Workshop

    Lipstick blush eye shadow purification workshop, clean room floor should be smooth, wear-resistant, non-slip, easy to clean and disinfect, the surface of the work area to be cleaned should have slope, no water; the ceiling of the purificati...

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  • Cosmetic clean room

    Cosmetic clean room

    According to the \"Standards for the Production of Cosmetics Production\" after the \"Two Certificates of Integration\" of the State Food and Drug Administration, manufacturers must obtain a new version of the \"Cosmetics Production License...

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  • Cosmetics GMP workshop

    Cosmetics GMP workshop

    Good Mamufacture Practice GMP is a government-mandated legal regulation for the production, packaging, and storage of food, cosmetics, and food. It ensures a good production management system for food, medicine, and cosmetics.

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  • Children's cosmetics workshop

    Children's cosmetics workshop

    The air in the second production room, semi-finished product storage room, filling room, cleaning container storage room, changing room and buffer zone should be cleaned or disinfected according to the needs of the production process, maint...

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  • Makeup and cleansing workshop

    Makeup and cleansing workshop

    The layout of the production workshop should meet the production process and hygiene requirements to prevent cross-contamination. The dressing room, buffer zone, raw material pre-input room, weighing room, production room, semi-finished pro...

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