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Toothpaste purification workshop

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Toothpaste purification workshop
  • Toothpaste purification workshop

The purification workshop is an independent space from the layout. An annular sealing corridor is arranged on the periphery of the workshop. It has a buffer zone between the clean area and the outside world. It can prevent external pollution and is relatively energy-saving. The doors and windows in the factory should be flat on the inner wall. If the window sill is not set, the layer setting and structure of the outer window should fully consider the sealing of the air moisture, so that the polluting particles are not easy to infiltrate from the outside; the condensation is generated to prevent the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, and the doors and windows between the rooms with different cleanliness indoors The gap should be sealed; the door and window materials should have good weather resistance, small natural deformation, small manufacturing error, good air tightness, simple shape, not easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean, no door sill; door and window of clean workshop should be metal or For metal-coated materials, wooden doors and windows should not be used to avoid long-term moisture exposure; the windows on the outer wall should be level with the inner wall, the window sill should be beveled or no window sill, and double-layer fixed windows to reduce energy loss.

The wall surface of the purification workshop should be smooth, smooth and dust-free, corrosion-resistant, and the color is harmonious, which is easy to identify the pollutants. The interior wall paint must be coated with materials that are mildewproof, anti-static, glare-proof and resistant to cleaning and disinfection. A 50 mm radius arc should be made at the intersection of the wall and the ground to reduce dust accumulation and easy cleaning. Anti-collision rails should be installed at the side of the collision corridor such as the transportation corridor to prevent dust from falling off due to vibration of the decoration materials.

Clean factory decoration floor application is smooth, seamless, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, not easy to collect static electricity, easy to clean the overall ground. The cast-in-place terrazzo floor can be used in the design, and the diameter of the stone used should be between 6-15mm. The dividers must be separated by copper strips and must not be used. Epoxy self-flowing floor is now used. It is a resin composite floor. It is characterized by solvent-free, non-toxic, tasteless, seamless, self-flowing and leveling; it can achieve mirror decoration effect, seamless connection and oil resistance. And acid, alkali, salt chemical solvent; with anti-static, small dust, wear and impact resistance, but high cost; mostly used in high-purity, beautiful appearance, dust-free, sterile electronic, medical, blood products Such as the production workshop floor.

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