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Cosmetic GMP purification workshop
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Children's cosmetics workshop

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Children's cosmetics workshop
  • Children's cosmetics workshop

A cosmetic formula for children should not be used with ingredients such as whitening, freckle, acne, hair removal, antiperspirant, deodorization, hair growth, hair dyeing, perming, body building, and beauty.

The air in the second production room, semi-finished product storage room, filling room, cleaning container storage room, changing room and buffer zone should be cleaned or disinfected according to the needs of the production process, maintaining good ventilation and suitable temperature and humidity.

Semi-finished storage rooms, filling rooms, and clean container storage rooms for eye care, baby and children's skin care cosmetics should meet the requirements of 300,000 class cleanliness; semi-finished storage rooms, filling rooms and cleaning containers for other skin care cosmetics. The storage room should meet the requirements of 300,000 class cleanliness. The cleanliness indicators of the purification workshop shall comply with the relevant national standards and norms.

Descriptive terms for children should be clearly indicated in the Chinese name of the three products or in the visible side of the package;

For products used by children, warnings such as “should be used under adult supervision” should be marked on the product label (including product manual);

Children's cosmetics and the raw materials used shall comply with the relevant requirements of the "Hygienic Specifications for Cosmetics";

The inspection items for children's cosmetics shall be carried out in accordance with the "Regulations for the Examination of Cosmetics Administrative License". The product should be free from skin and eye irritation, no phototoxicity, and no allergic reaction;

The total number of children's cosmetic colonies shall not exceed 500 CFU/mL or 500 CFU/g;

The formula design principle (including the overall analysis report of the formula), the selection principle and requirements of the raw materials, the production process and the quality control shall be scientifically and reasonably stated for the declared product, and shall not be related to other contents in the application materials (such as labels, Formulation, process, etc.) are contradictory;

The content of the overall analysis report of the formula should be complete and should be analyzed in combination with the raw materials used in the formulation. Raw materials that have restrictions on the “Hygienic Specifications for Cosmetics” should be described in conjunction with the restrictions.

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