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How to select equipment in the food purification workshop?

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The products produced in the food workshop have the characteristics of many varieties and strong seasonality. For each product, equipment calculation and selection should be carried out according to...

    The products produced in the food workshop have the characteristics of many varieties and strong seasonality. For each product, equipment calculation and selection should be carried out according to the large shift output. The equipment commonly used in food purification workshops is: general mechanical equipment, such as material transportation, steam, water treatment, power and refrigeration; storage equipment; non-standard professional equipment; special production equipment and its production lines, such as beverage filling equipment, beverage irrigation Loading production lines, pastry baking equipment or production lines, resistance welding tank equipment or empty can production lines. The output of food workshop products is the basic basis for the selected processing equipment. The processing capacity, specifications, model and power consumption of the equipment must match the corresponding output. It must meet the requirements of the production process, the equipment selected, its production capacity, technical parameters, The number of units must meet the production requirements and have a certain amount of surplus.

    When selecting equipment, the food purification workshop should choose serialized and standardized mature equipment. The equipment selected should have high production efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure, small space and ground, low labor intensity, convenient maintenance and cleaning, safe and reliable; The structure should be reasonable and the materials used can be adapted to various working conditions. The materials and structure of the equipment selected in the food purification workshop shall meet the requirements of national and industry standards and specifications, and the equipment shall be configured according to the relevant requirements of the food safety production certification passed by the enterprise. It is necessary to fully consider the reasonable matching of various sections and various process equipments to ensure the balance of the flow of each equipment; to comprehensively consider the cost performance, to obtain the ideal complete sets of equipment, and to pay attention to scientific and technological progress and investment under the premise of meeting the investment conditions. Introduce and inhale new technological achievements and equipment at home and abroad, and select modern technical equipment with high precision and excellent performance as much as possible. In order to maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise, the manufacturer should select the equipment according to the variety of products and the scale of production. Pay attention to the equipment with good versatility, easy to support production, and multi-purpose machine. It can be used as people's consumption and eating habits. Modification of the product when changes occur is conducive to expanding production. Zhongjing Global can provide consulting, planning, design, construction and decoration services for food purification workshops.

    When performing specific equipment selection, calculate the number of equipment, capacity, heat transfer area, etc. according to the production capacity of the selected equipment, production capacity, etc., and then determine the model, specification, production capacity, power, number of units, etc.; The production scale and material balance calculate the flow, heat transfer, storage and evaporation of each section and process, which is used as the basis for equipment selection calculation. In the calculation of equipment selection, the production capacity of the equipment should not be taken as the basis for the production capacity; secondly, the selection and matching of the production capacity and the number of units should be taken into account, and the needs of continuous production should be considered. Consider the need for operability at the time of an emergency or when changing production varieties, give full play to the role of equipment, save investment, and ensure production.

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