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LCM million workshop

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LCM million workshop
  • LCM million workshop

LCM (LCD Module) is an LCD display module and a liquid crystal module. It is a component that assembles a liquid crystal display device, a connector, a peripheral circuit for controlling and driving, a PCB circuit board, a backlight, a structural member, and the like.

LCM purification workshop generally purifies level 10,000, indoor constant temperature and humidity, anti-static floor, enclosure structure, air conditioning, lighting, socket, power distribution, air pipe

Up to standard:

1 "Clean Factory Design Code" GB50073-2001

2 "Good Manufacturing Practices for Health Foods" (GB 17405 1998)

3 "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" GBJ16

4 Water supply and drainage design specifications GBJ13-86, GBJ14-87

5 power supply and distribution system design specification GB50052

6 Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Specification TJ34-79

7 heating and ventilation air conditioning design specifications

8 lighting design standards

9 clean room construction and acceptance specifications.

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