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LED workshop

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LED workshop
  • LED workshop

LED light-emitting diodes are referred to as LEDs. Made of a compound containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), etc.

LED purification workshop generally purifies level 10,000, indoor constant temperature and humidity, anti-static floor, enclosure structure, purification air conditioner, lighting, socket, power distribution, air pipe, laboratory, oven, process welding, dispensing, splitting, and passband Wait.

Up to standard:

1. "Code for Design of Clean Plants" GB50073-2001

2. "Good Manufacturing Practices for Health Foods" (GB 17405 1998)

3. "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design"

4, water supply and drainage design specifications

5, power supply and distribution system design specifications

6, industrial enterprise lighting design specifications

7, heating and ventilation air conditioning design specifications

8, lighting design standards

9. Clean room construction and acceptance specifications.

Designed: temperature and humidity parameters, cleanliness, differential pressure, illuminance, etc.

Undertake: sales and installation of purification equipment across the country

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