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Edible fungus purification workshop

Author: Shenzhen Zhongjing Global Purification Technology Co., Ltd.Time:2018-07-26 14:27:30Views:1622

Edible fungus purification workshop
  • Edible fungus purification workshop

Edible fungi are a kind of crops that are very suitable for factory production. Factory cultivation is an industrialized production method with modern agricultural characteristics. The industrial production of edible fungi adopts industrialized technical means, and adopts high-efficiency mechanization and automation operations under environmentally controllable facilities to achieve large-scale, intensive and standardized production. The edible fungi that have been factory-produced at home and abroad mainly include Agaricus bisporus, Flammulina velutipes, Zhenji mushroom, Pleurotus eryngii, Bailing mushroom, straw mushroom, etc. Among them, the industrialized production history and the mature technology are Agaricus bisporus, followed by It is a mushroom and a true mushroom.

Factory production of edible fungi must have hardware and software that are compatible with the production model. The industrialized production hardware refers to the material basis that constitutes the main framework of the enterprise's factory production operation system. It mainly includes ingredients, mixing machinery equipment, bottling (bag) equipment, high-efficiency sterilization equipment, inoculation equipment, cultivation and cultivation environment control equipment, harvesting packaging equipment and post-harvest cleaning equipment. Efficient and stable factory-made production equipment is the key to the normal operation and success of edible fungi factory production. The continuous updating of edible fungus process equipment is one of the keys to improving production efficiency.

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