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Tissue culture workshop

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Tissue culture workshop
  • Tissue culture workshop

The design principle of the tissue culture laboratory: in order to make the work convenient and reduce the pollution of the bacteria, ** set up the aisle, the personnel enter from the outside, first pass through a buffer walkway, and then enter the operation room; the room of the culture room should not be too large, the door* * Installed as a sliding door to reduce the flow of air; the culture room ** is built on the south side of the house, and there should be large windows on the wall so that natural light can be used to save energy; the inoculation room should be slightly smaller, * * There is a small buffer room as a preparation room.

Composition of the tissue culture laboratory: The complete tissue culture laboratory includes a chemical laboratory, a washing room, a sterile operation room, a culture room, a cytology laboratory, and a greenhouse or greenhouse for seedlings.

Aseptic operation equipment is mainly used for ultra-clean workbench. The ultra-clean workbench is generally closed and open. It has become a common and popular aseptic operation device in plant tissue culture, which is convenient compared with the inoculation box. Comfortable, sterile, and short preparation time, it can be operated after 10 minutes or more of operation. Basically, it can be used at any time. In factory production, the inoculation workload is very large, and when it is necessary to work for a long time, the ultra-clean platform is very The ideal equipment. The ultra-clean platform is made up of three-phase motor for blasting power. The power is about 145-260W. It adopts the treatment method of exhausting the air from the back of the countertop to the outside or the whole exhaust above the countertop to the outside, and passing the air through the special microporous foam sheet. The laminated "super filter" is blown out to form a continuous dust-free and sterile ultra-clean air laminar flow, so-called "high-efficiency special air", which removes dust, fungi and bacterial spores larger than 0.3um. Wait.

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