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With the rapid development of laboratory medicine, the role of laboratory medicine in the medical field is growing, especially the application of a large number of equipment makes the test medicine rush.

One: need room: pure water room, cleaning room, Ups power supply room, conference room, study room, director's office, male duty room, female duty room, locker room, specimen frozen warehouse, reagent frozen warehouse, reagent common warehouse, HIV specimen Treatment, HIV reagent preparation, HIV report room, PCR specimen processing, PCR reagent preparation room, PCR product amplification and analysis room, foreground specimen reception (at least one), venous blood collection (at least one), immunotherapy area, toilet, blood distribution Room, blood chamber, blood storage room, blood collection room, and blood transfusion room have more than 27 district units. The above can be personalized and adjusted according to the hospital's specificity.

General configuration: central air conditioning purification system, PVC floor, exhaust system, water supply and drainage system

Whether the design of the internal and external window is reasonable is directly related to the patient experience and the work efficiency of the staff. At the same time, if the design is reasonable, it not only saves the patient's visit time and improves the work efficiency of the doctor, but also gives the patient to the hospital. The degree of goodwill is deepened and the operating cost is saved. When the number of patients reaches a certain level, it will not cause congestion, delay in reporting, or complaints.

The Purification Global Purification is dedicated to the clean room system and has built a large number of inspection departments, all of which meet quality standards.

Undertake: sales and installation of purification equipment across the country

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